Sunday, July 27, 2008

It is very fitting to fulfill the commitment to World Youth Day and celebrate with the wider church community.
At the same time the local church has been admonished for its crimes of sexual abuse.
In an interview in The Herald, our bishop, Michael Malone, has taken the step of expressing sympathy for the victims of sexual abuse and has shifted from the indifferent legalistic approach that is often heard. The bishop has a mission to see that the church continues to work to overcome this failing.
Denial could be avoided in many aspects of life and times in this church in these days.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Above: Telstra was producing photos and videos for pilgrims in Hyde Park and net service
Not only our own piety but social justice for God's kingdom on earth in the here and now.
Messages left at an NGO Aid and development work for all countries information exhibit at Circular Quay

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pop art influences.

By the wayside. At the conclusion nearly everyone was on the move.
Below: East Timorese - special visitors!

Visitors from far and wide and from Lebanon as well.

Photos from the conclusion of World Youth Day 2008.

Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mexican Priest recording a final video

Above: Cammino Neo Catecumenale Belluno - Dolomite Italy

On one hand the World Youth Day Pilgrims were backpackers and as such might be unable to take on a lot of responsibility and a complete program for them to follow was a good idea. On the other hand there could be scope for them to initiate liturgy or prayer.
Those parts of the program that I saw were very well done but came from the top down and were orchestrated as is the way of the church, afterall, liturgy needs to have an impact. Those very aspects are not so popular now even when they say that ritual has an age old place in humanity, nowdays some seek out an informal approach from the grass roots level. I heard that a study found that Sunday evening is a good time for young people to join any worship and is something to consider. However, I dont know very much about gen Y nor any of these questions.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Malaysian contingent had a fine set of tents.

Light cloud cover helped keep the cold night air away from the sleep-out on Saturday night but it must have been rather cold. Then the compares on stage rallied the sleepy crowds with banter and music as the time for the action drew near and after the Liturgy of the Hours and more, Pope Benedict arrived after circling high above the arena (in a helicopter!).
The Pope's words were warm and less formal than one might have expected.
The grandeur of the Mass would seem strange to some folk but it was very well done, unbelievably good solists, choir and musicians were just the start and the long ceremony was a memorable spiritual 'experience'.
Next World Youth Day will be in Madrid.

The mass exudus at the conclusion with bright flag waving crowds involved a march back to the city and the hugh size of the march had to be seen to be believed. Such hugh gatherings are less likely seen in our cities which are relatively small. It was great to have the public spaces alive with people and activity and the young visitors brightened the life of the city.

A hugh amount of organization was undertaken to allow for a festival to take place in the heart of a busy city. Ideal for keeping the program running smoothly, no stone was left unturned. However, some chaos is ok, perhaps the orderliness was overdone but this punter is grateful for the opportunity to join in and enjoy the great ease of access and unrivalled help from personnel and services

Saturday, July 19, 2008

'The Coathanger' (Sydney Harbour Bridge) this morning was the start of the Pilgrimage to the Southern Cross destination for the next stage and World Youth Day with major events to finish the week. The distance is about 7 kilometres or so and the weather is perfect. Everyone carried all their belongings. The transport and trains services and the organization of the crowds was safe and excellent.
The photos were taken from a train and the glass windows were not clear enough to take photos well and then some better images could not be rotated and published.
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